Career Mapping

Career mapping is the process by which companies and employees create methodologies/pathways for individual advancements in an organization. Mapping helps employees identify areas of opportunities for progression in their careers within the company. Also, collective company-scale career mapping helps an organization’s management with setting their goals, taking major decisions and making long-term plans.


Why should you have a career map?

Career maps not only help provide employees with pathways for their advancement, it also helps companies to better understand and manage the aspirations of their workforce. Businesses can also keep track of the progress parameters of their collective organization and thus make informed decisions regarding their employee promotions, their services and products; plus it would also help them determine which products are their growth engines and help them set their future goals.

Career Map Criteria

A career mapping endeavour entails going through multiple facets of information to determine the right pathways of advancements. Some of the important criterias to keep in mind while doing your career mapping are:

  • Job designation and description
  • Required skills
  • Personality mapping
  • Training and development
  • Mid to long-term career goals
  • How to create a career map

    Creating a career map is a challenging and time consuming process. It generally requires a lot of research and introspection. But having a clear understanding regarding the opportunities for advancements in your career makes it worthwhile for employees and companies to invest their time and resources to create them. The following steps are helpful in outlining – how to create a career map:

  • Determine the beginning point – It is generally the role for which you’re hired in the company. It could also be your current role as you begin your career map. It is the foundation on which the other steps are built.
  • Determine the final goal – It usually is the highest achievable position for you in your organization and thus the final point of your career map. This is the motivation as well as the driving goal of your career map.
  • Identify the steps you need to take to reach your goal – This is the most important aspect of a career map. It maps out the journey you must embark on to achieve your final goal. You need to meticulously plan the steps you need to complete, promotions you need to achieve, and the work and training you need to complete to make it possible for you to progress towards advancements and success in your career.
  • Create a series of short-term objectives that lead you towards the final goal – Motivation is a very important factor that helps you to keep working hard towards achieving your goals. Thus, it is very important to always set short-term goals that are achievable in the near future. They help by keeping your spirits up and keep your drive high towards achieving your long-term goals. Also, please ensure that your short-term goals are aligned with your overarching final goals.>
  • Career Map Template

    Starting point :

  • Current job/role : Include your current job description and designation
  • Current skills
  • Personality profile

  • Organization career path : Create a map of your career advancement pathway. Ex – Entry level Admin – Admin – Senior Admin – Manager – General Manager – Firm Partner.

    Goals :

  • Short term : The skills you need to develop to advance and attain your short-term promotion.
  • Medium term : Overall personality and leadership skills you need to develop and the networking relationships you need to cultivate to advance in the long term.
  • Long-term : The main objectives you need to achieve to reach your final goal.
  • Timeline : Create a timeline of your short to long term goals and your career progression deadlines.*
    (*Be sure to keep buffers periods for unexpected set-backs and the time needed to upgrade your skills. )

    We hope our guide to career mapping has been helpful. If you require more information and professional help to create a high quality career map – do contact us here. Best wishes for your career!



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