Career Transition

A career transition can occur due to a number of reasons. But it can be condensed into four broad categories :

  1. New Interests : You’re interested in a different industry or role and you’ve decided to take a leap towards a new career path.
  2. Career stagnation : You’ve noticed that you’ve been stuck in your job/role for a long while and with not much future prospects of further advancements. Or you have reached the high point – ceiling – in your current career path. Then a shake up in your career could help reinvigorate your life.
  3. Job Loss : You’ve lost your job and there are no openings in your current field; pivoting to a new role/industry might provide you with better opportunities.
  4. An unexpected opportunity : Sometimes life throws a bonus – you get a dream opportunity/ interesting offer from a different industry.

Once, you’ve started on a path of career transition it can feel a bit daunting. But it doesn’t have to be a challenging process if you approach it with the right mindset. The steps include :

  1. Research – Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or better opportunities of income and job satisfaction you need to first introspect and understand what kind of job would you like to get. Once you’ve some clarity over your interests, then you need to research the industry you want to transition into and build your knowledge about it.
  2. Network – The first important step on your path to a career change is to reach out and build your network of people. They can be the people who can provide you with sound advice and referrals to help you get started on your journey. Also, try to increase your professional network by reaching out to the people from the industry you want to transition into. Associating with people, attending conferences and webinars related to the industry you are interested in will provide you with invaluable advice and experience. You never know who or where you might end up finding your dream job.
  3. Skill Building – Planning to transition into a new industry is a great goal, but it comes to nothing if you do not have the required skill sets to function/work in the industry. The first step for skill building is to do a bit of research and list out the skills you already possess which you can carry over to your new job and the new skills which you must need to develop to be successful in this industry. Once you’ve a sound understanding of what’s required of you – you can start working towards attaining those skillsets.

    Thanks to the internet and online courses, these days it’s become much easier to upgrade yourself with new skills. You can work towards getting yourself professional certifications for the required skills. You can also work on developing the soft skills necessary for being successful in the new industry. Generally terminology and communication style changes depending on the industry. One smart tip would be to follow the industry news and reports to get more familiar with the trends.
  4. Resume and cover letter – As you’ll be entering a new job market, the first thing you need to do is tweak your resume to help showcase more pertinently the skills and work experiences required to succeed in the new industry. You also need to focus on what you can bring to the team/company (if you are hired) and you need to sell your future growth potential too. You can also highlight the similarities between your old job and new and how your past experience would help you succeed.
  5. Interview – The most crucial moment. Once, you’ve managed to land yourself an interview, you need to come prepared. As you’re planning a career transition, the interviewer/employer might scrutinize you more in-depth compared to the other other candidates. So being thorough and well prepared with the basics of the new job should help you impress. The most important thing is to stay positive, honest and passionate about why you want to transition and work in this industry and how you are ready to work hard and succeed.

A successful career transition can be a very rewarding experience in life. So, don’t get discouraged if the job search process or upskilling process takes more time or is more difficult than anticipated. Let your hard work and passion flourish and it shall certainly reward you with a great result. All the best!


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