Interview Preparations

Interviews are the most important aspect of being successful in getting a job. Preparing for an interview means properly considering your goals, qualifications and objectives relative to the position you will be interviewed on. Let us consider the important steps you need to fulfill while preparing for a job interview :


Understanding the job requirements

During preparation for a job interview, you should use the job description provided by the employer as a guide. The job description should contain a list of the qualifications, skills, and background which the ideal candidate must possess. The more you align with these requirements the better qualified you would look to your employer. The job description should also help you predict the type of questions the interviewer might ask during the interview.

Research about your role and the company

Researching the company and the role you’re going to interview for is an integral part of your job preparations. It would not only help you better predict what kind of questions you might encounter during the interview but it would also help you gain a better understanding of what you might want to enquire with the interviewer as well.

Few of the key points to keep in mind include :


  1. The role : It is important for you to completely understand what the company is looking for from the applicant of the job. It will not only help you prepare for the pertinent questions about the job but it would also allow you to ask the interviewer queries regarding the new job during the interview. Being prepared and calmly answering and conversing about your role should help make a good impression on the interviewer.
  2. The company : It is essential that you properly research the company’s products and services. Even if the role you’re interested in is not related to the main services of the company – having a well rounded background knowledge about the company should help you perform better during the interview. It should also help you ask questions to your interviewer regarding the broader goals of the company.
  3. The culture : A company’s culture is a very important in today’s business climate. Researching the values and tone of the company’s culture should help you realise if you would fit in well with the company or not. Generally, going through a company’s website and social media accounts should provide you with a good insight about the values and culture of a company.

Practice & Mock interviews

Mock interviews are one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and improve your confidence. By repeatedly practicing the interview process, it should help make you feel more comfortable with the entire experience. You can ask any of your friends or family to help you practice. If that is not possible, then you can try practicing the questions and answers yourself by speaking aloud. It would help you ensure that you are getting the tone and body language right. You can also try to practice in front of a mirror or even try to record your interviews in your smartphone to help improve yourself.


Interview day

Be sure to be prepared for everything you would need during the interview the night before; like photocopies of your academic records, resume and the location of the interview. Once, you reach the interview location, be calm and try to not get too stressed. Stick to your preparations.

One of the biggest challenges in an interview is to sell yourself. You need to be ready to present yourself articulately and positively, be honest and truthful, about yourself and your capabilities in fulfilling the job. Don’t be over modest, instead be confident to state your best qualities – your interviewer would want to know about them to help them make a sound decision.

Once, the interview is over, be sure to follow up with the employer. If the opportunity presents itself, then be sure to put forward more points to market yourself. Especially, use the opportunities if you might have forgotten to mention some important points during the interview.

One important tip – If you aren’t sure about an answer, be calm and simply state ‘let me think about it for a moment’. Think it through and then answer. Check if it is possible to answer the question with examples? You can if required even ask questions to the interviewer to get more clarity about the tricky question. The employer hopefully should appreciate the fact that you are thinking things through before answering.

We hope that this short guide on interview preparations has helped you. All the best!


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