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Searching for jobs is one the quintessential practices done by most people. Whether it’s looking for your first job or looking to progress in your career or contemplating a change of companies, it is vital to know how to search for a good job. Although job hunting might seem challenging, there are many different methodologies and effective strategies which one can employ to find a job successfully.
In this article, we shall share with you the five best practices to follow for a successful job search :

job search

Networking – Referrals

Networking is one of the most effective ways of finding a new job. Most employers and companies prefer receiving a referral from a trusted member of their own staff. Lots of jobs in the industry are filled up via internal referrals long before they are advertised! So, it is important to speak with the right people to get the right referrals during your job search.

The first step should always be to get in touch with all your contacts and let them know that you’re on the market – available and looking for a new job. You can start by creating a list of all the contacts you know and especially focus on the individuals who are working in the same industry as you. Then, you may reach out to these people via social interactions or even directly ask them for a meet up and to discuss your career.

The goal should be to build good relationships with people in your professional network, so that they will think of you first when there is an opportunity. It also helps to have a good rapport with influential people in your network so that it gives you a leg-up strategically speaking when it comes to getting good referrals.

Recruitment firms

Signing up with a recruitment firm/agency is a smart idea to consider. It would help you find jobs more effectively and efficiently. Recruitment firms will have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you find the right job to suit your skill-set. You will likely have to create a profile and provide details about your personal information, academic background and job experiences (if any) while registering with a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies can provide various types of opportunities from temporary jobs – which can help you gain experience and understanding if the role suits you – or better networking opportunities to attend multiple job interviews and hiring workshops or custom job search guidance. Also, recruitment agencies generally have their own reputations to uphold, so if you impress them with your performance – better opportunities should open up for you in the future.

Job search platforms and direct contact with companies

Thanks to the internet – one of the largest growing sectors today is the online job portals platform. Recruitment via job search platforms is one of the most convenient ways of finding employment these days.

Most platforms today allow you to quickly and pragmatically apply for multiple jobs. Job search engines today allow you to filter out preferences like location, industry, remunerations etc and thus allow you to apply for jobs which truly suit your requirements.

This nicely leads us towards directly contacting companies for a job. As most companies these days have their own websites, they publish job openings in them. So, it would be a good idea to make a list of companies you might be interested in and search in their websites for any openings that match your skills and apply for them. It will not only help you get directly in touch with your employer but it will also help you save costs of going through a recruiter/ job search platform etc.

Utilising social media

Social media is huge today. Most companies have a social media presence these days in one or multiple social media platforms. So, one easy way to find out more about a company you’re interested in is to do a social media search of it. Then follow the company, maybe even comment in their posts, enquire about opportunities and build a rapport with them. Then if any opportunity comes up – you might be in a good position to leverage it.

It’s important to keep your own social media profiles professional while contacting companies with networking and job prospects in mind. Following certain best practices like using your own name, properly showcasing your academic and professional interests etc will be helpful.

Job conference and webinars

Industry conferences and fairs are fun events to attend and also they provide opportunities to interact with various people who are part of the industry you’re interested in. It would be a great place to look for potential employees and recruitment news. It also has the added benefit of giving you the chance to meet with new people and you may never know – what referral or opportunity might pop up due to it.

With the increase in utilization of digital technologies and especially the impact of covid19 – most conferences are occurring over the internet these days. So, attending webinars is also a great way to look for opportunities currently while staying at home.

We hope the suggestions and tips provided in this article help you. All the best for your job hunting!


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